The world of Atenn Pelian:


Title ideas:
The Shepherds of Ylamphia
Night Shepherds

Legend of The Sccarabus
Shadows of Ylamphia

Sccarabus: extirpation

Legend of The Sccarabus: extirpation



For Master:


At Owls Lar
It begins:

(A drafty idea for the opening chapter)





A Woodlander's Dream


In the dark interior of a frozen forest, a woodlander and his family slept. The fire in the downstairs hearth smouldered, its embers softly clinking. Blane Wülfrand twisted in his cot, wrought by the action of a vivid dream.
Earlier that day, he had reprimanded his two boys for taking a horse from the wood and riding it. They had forgotten in their play that horses are free to roam on the continent of Cirrus Frai, that horses belong to no man in this realm or The Nines. They had forgotten, too, that there are severe penalties should you be caught taking or using a horse for any purpose save that of a purpose sanctioned by the elders of The Table. Wülfrand, the man, had had to remind his boys of the perils of breaking such laws.
Before he had lain to sleep, he had spoken to his wife, Isula.
'I was too harsh on them. I should not have struck th